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Business Immigration

The Immigration Act of 1990 (“IMMACT 90”) helped create the Immigrant Investor Program as the fifth preference category for employment-based immigration, also referred to as EB-5. This was the first time a category expressly granted the admission of immigrant investors as lawful permanent residents (LPR’s) and presently is the only such category to do so. The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program is accessible to those immigrants who have invested, or are in the process of investing at least $1 million in a new commercial enterprise employing at least 10 full-time U.S. workers. Individuals who invest in a “targeted employment area” (TEA), however, only have to invest a minimum of $500,000. Read more…


Individuals in the below outlined cases can qualify for employment-based visas:

  • Immigrants with advanced degrees and performing work in the national interest
  • Immigrants with a Bachelor degree or higher who have job offers and/or work experience
  • Immigrants with extraordinary ability in business, arts or sciences
  • Managers and Executives of multi-national businesses
  • Exceptional professors or researchers
  • Religious workers and ministers whose services are required by their non-profit religious organization
  • Immigrant investors with substantial funds invested in the U.S. Read more…